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猎户座神话:北方之光 猎户座神话:北方之光


Myths Of Orion: Light From The North

  • 游戏类型: 冒险
  • 游戏语言: 英语
  • 收费模式: 一次性付费
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  • 开发商: Cateia Games
  • 注册: 暂无
  • 运营商: PCLibredia(中国)
  • 发售日期: 2014年12月03日

Long time ago, in a Realm of Orion, a powerful, but greedy wizard collected knowledge from all around the world. And thus came to write the three Books: books of knowledge, Law and Magic.The books gave him ultimate powers. But, he used them not to... [查看详细]