Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale

运营商: Gaijin Distribution KFT
英语 | 德语 | 法语 | 俄语
发售日期: 2018年06月15日

Cuisine Royale is an all-kitchen-warfare Battle Royale game with the most honest system for Loot Boxes ever. Originally an April Fool’s joke from developers of squad based MMO shooter Enlisted, Cuisine Royale was highly appreciated by players and is now released as a stand-alone title. The game will be free initially, but probably will become paid later to cover servers maintenance costs.Features:Dinnerware will finally be able to show off its true potential: Use a colander as head protection, equip a wok as a formidable breastplate, or strap on a massive waffle maker to be protected even against the largest calibers of weapons.The most honest system for Loot Boxes: Those are scattered around the battlefield, and are free to open, their content is well labelled, and the drop chance of what is said to be inside is a 100% guarantee.Improve your characteristics in the battle significantly: Strapping on a medical dropper will provide you with accelerated health regeneration, a set of glasses will increase weapon accuracy and chewing on a cigar will turn you into a real Tough Guy!Massive and intense battles: 30 players per session in total will head out from different parts of the map, starting only in their underwear and making their way to the center of a battlefield that is constantly shrinking in size.The fanciest panties: This ain’t no Joke! Try them on and good luck on the battlefield!

  • 17173 2018-07-10
    如果玩家朋友们不喜欢《PUBG》的运营,那么笔者很推荐这部恶搞“吃鸡”《Cuisine Royale》给你一玩,游戏的“素质”相当不错,目前在蒸汽平台上可以免费开玩。究竟游戏具体如何,就请各位玩家朋友随我看来。
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