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野兽之道:白色瞬间 野兽之道:白色瞬间


Kemonomichi-White Moment-

  • 游戏类型: 冒险
  • 游戏语言: 英语
  • 收费模式: 暂未确定
  • 支持平台:
  • 开发商: MBF FILMs
  • 注册: 暂无
  • 运营商: PCSouthWorks(中国)
  • 发售日期: 2018年05月03日

Adventure novel game.(English subtitles)Story synopsis:Large sword in hand, a man plans his escape from the organization.Running from his pursuers, he is forced to wander.Then, before his eyes… a girl appears.In the silver-haired girl’s hand, a ... [查看详细]