Glitch Pets

Glitch Pets

运营商: Cool and Normal
发售日期: 暂未发售

WARNING: This game may potentially trigger seizures for people with EPILEPSY Viewer discretion is advised.NOTE: If you're expecting AAA straight away, check back later. Or watch some videos and read the reviews/discussion posts to see if this is a game you'd like see grow, as it's early access and potentially ever developing if players are into itStory Mode: Chest Quest Home?:A Portal Flower gracefully wisps you away to a Glitch World. Do you get back? Do you want to? Who is that elephant person..?2 Extra Game modes:Fall and Dodge, and avoid being turned to minced pet in the, well, Fall and DodgeGain speed and propel off ramps to fly through air in the Celebrity Fan Favorite: Surf and SlideThere are currently over 40 levels to play and as many chests to findYou can play as the dog at this time. Skins/Characters/Cute cinematic events and goodies will be added.Find the Hidden Levels too!There's a special level chain to find which is a sample of a few levels from the 2.5d only game Glitch Pets started out asFPS is capped at 121 at the momentAPPLE and LINUX users: add to your wishlists, Glitch Pets is coming. Also on Droid, soon for Ios (maybe Ios)