发售日期: 2017年11月20日
Enter the ribbiting world of FROG X BIRD, where daring amphibian warriors take flight atop majestic birds called Rufflebeaks in a quest to prove themselves as TOP FROG OF THE ARENA. Grab your friends and tell those friends to grab their controllers, because it's time for a bird-battlin' spectacle that will have you leaping out of your seat!FEATURESIT'S A LOCAL CROAK-UP: Nothing beats sittin’ on the couch, playin' games with your buds! Pick from a colorful cast of well-armed amphibians (and sometimes other creatures?), and fly into battle against up to three of your friends in awesome local competitive gameplay. It's the ultimate party game!TOADALLY AWESOME GAMEPLAY: In FROG X BIRD, you've only got one goal - knock your opponent off their bird! Dive-bomb your enemies from above or try a daring frontal assault! Just make sure to check your six, or you might be the one that gets sent flying!FUN FOR ALL AGES: FROG X BIRD is a game anyone can play! Pick up a controller and you'll be having a blast within minutes!FROGTASTIC GAME MODES: There's never a dull moment when you have so many ways to take down your pals! Each mode offers a unique spin on the core FXB game experience. It's pure bird-on-frog-on-bird combat in BATTLE MODE; take part in a fruit-grabbing frenzy in FRUIT BLAST; fight over a leaf in LEAF AWAY; or, shoot some hoops in the super-popular RIBBASKETBALL MODE! And with multiple sub-types for each mode, there are plenty of ways to customize the competition to your liking!HOPPING GOOD ARENAS: From bright and lively Bogshire, to the watery depths of Frogrotto, to the extreme heights of Rufflebeak Roost, take on your opponents in a variety of different arenas! BE WARNED: Some of these battlegrounds ain’t so friendly!FULL-BLOWN VO: Always know where the action stands with shots called by the enthusiastic and faithful Announcer, voiced by the legendary Jon St. John (Duke Nukem, Sonic Adventure 1+2, Guild Wars 2, Half Life: Opposing Force)!CONTENT FOR DAYS: Several expansion packs are in the works to expand the exciting world of FROG X BIRD with new characters, arenas, and additional game modes! It's a blast right out of the box, and only bound to get better with time! 进入FROG X BIRD的罗纹世界,大胆的两栖战士在雄伟的鸟类Rufflebeaks上空飞行,寻求证明自己是ARENA的顶级青蛙。抓住你的朋友,告诉那些朋友抓住他们的控制器,因为是时候制造一个鸟战的奇观,让你跳出你的座位!特点是当地的克隆:在沙发上没有什么可以坐着的,玩游戏与你的芽!从多姿多彩的装备精良的两栖动物(有时候是其他生物?)挑选,并与最多三位朋友在真棒当地竞技游戏中战斗。这是最终的派对游戏!TOADALLY真棒游戏:在青蛙X鸟,你只有一个目标 - 敲你的对手鸟!从上面潜入你的敌人或尝试一个大胆的正面攻击!只要确保检查你的六个,或者你可能是一个被派遣的飞行!乐趣所有年龄:青蛙X鸟是一个任何人都可以玩的游戏!拿起一个控制器,你会在几分钟之内爆炸!FROGTASTIC游戏模式:当你有很多方法来取消你的好朋友时,从来没有一个沉闷的时刻!每种模式都提供了核心FXB游戏体验的独特功能。在“战斗模式”中,这是纯粹的“鸟与鸟同战”在FRUIT BLAST中参与一个抓水果的狂潮;在LEAF AWAY的叶子上打架;或者,在超人气的RIBBASKETBALL MODE里射出一些篮球!每种模式都有多种子类型,可以根据自己的喜好定制比赛的各种方式!跳跃式的好雅典娜:从波光粼粼的明亮活泼的沼泽地,到蛙泳深处,到达Rufflebeak Roost的极限高地,你的对手在各种不同的领域!被警告:这些战场中的一部分并不那么友好!全面爆炸VO:总是知道在哪里的行动站立与热情和忠实的播音员,由传奇乔恩·圣约翰(公爵,声音冒险1+ 2,激战2,半条命:反抗力量)!内容为天:几个扩展包正在努力扩展与新的人物,竞技场和额外的游戏模式的青蛙X鸟的令人兴奋的世界!这是一个开箱即用的乐趣,只有随着时间的推移才会变得更好!